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My Role


Team Members

Procter & Gamble

Product Designer

Design Researcher

Lead Prototyper

Under NDA - details remain confidential

Roni Greenberg

Julia Persche


With the guidance of P&G "champions" (P&G employees who work within the company's Research & Development function), develop an incontinence product for a new market segment taking into consideration their specific needs and sustainability.


Defining the Problem and User

In order to identify pain points in the current user experience, my teammates and I conducted 5 user interviews. The interviewees were recruited and and interviewed remotely using the research platform Dscout due to restrictions from Covid-19. In preparation for these conversations, we created a discussion guide and stimuli, and ultimately were able to gain a deeper understanding of the user experience. By synthesizing the information collected in our interviews, we defined our target user and created a journey map. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 8.42.49 PM.png

Prototyping and User Testing

Following our first round of interviews and synthesis, we brainstormed and prototyped ideas in the form of physical prototypes and storyboards. We presented these as stimuli to users on Dscout using videos and slides. In addition to asking for feedback on each individual prototype, we had them complete a mix and match exercise to learn what ideas would combine well. Based on all the feedback, we were able to iterate and converge on ideas that best met the needs of our users.


After completing 2 rounds of prototyping, we chose a final concept and refined its features. Our final design met all the functional and emotional requirements that our team defined during the research process. We presented our concept to a panel of P&G designers and engineers, from which received positive feedback and were informed that they would continue development.

After the conclusion of this project, I had the opportunity to continue my team's work on this product during my summer 2021 internship at P&G as an Integrated Product Design Engineer.

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