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As part of my Master’s program orientation at Northwestern, I completed a personal design project under the theme ‘Kintsugi,’ the Japanese art of repairing pottery while emphasizing its unique history rather than hiding the breakage. Inspired by the theme of rebirth, I created a dynamic sculpture of a phoenix.

EDI Grad Gift


I made personalized phone stands to celebrate the graduation of the second year EDI students. I designed them in Solidworks and made them out of laser cut plywood.



This tricycle is driven by a cordless hand drill. A gearbox and wheels are mounted on a fiberglass composite.

Tilt Maze


To create this tilt maze, my partner and I each designed one side of it in Solidworks. I also determined the appropriate dimensions and tolerances of the lid to achieve a snap-on fit. After combining our designs into a single part, I used HSMWorks to create G-Code for the Prototrak mill and laser cutter and then fabricated each part. This tilt maze was made out of acetal, acrylic, and a chrome steel ball.



To create this injection molded yo-yo, my partner and I worked together to create a yo-yo design and 2-part mold in Solidworks. I then created a tool path using HSMworks, a SolidWorks CAM plug in, and machined the mold in a Haas CNC mill. I then injected the mold with ABS plastic using a Morgan Press Model G-55T and completed the yo-yo assembly.

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